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Male Hair Loss Specialist

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It’s estimated that more than 60% of men experience a noticeable degree of hair loss by the time they turn 35. Your thinning hair and changing hairline can have a significant impact on your sense of self-worth. Board-certified dermatologist Ryan Goerig, MD, and skin care specialist Jessica Goerig, MS, PA-C, at Dana Point Dermatology specialize in the treatment of male hair loss and can develop a plan to improve the thickness and health of your hair to restore your natural look. Call the Dana Point, California, office or book online today.

Male Hair Loss Q & A

What causes male hair loss?

Male hair loss can develop from many causes. The most common include:

  • Genetics
  • Medication
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Use of certain hair products

Hair loss can occur anywhere on your body, but most often affects the scalp. Because hair grows in cycles, your body naturally sheds 50-100 hairs a day to help maintain normal hair balance. Any disruptions in hair loss or hair growth may lead to noticeable hair loss. 

Androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern hair loss (MPHL), is the most common cause of hair loss in men, which is a hereditary condition. 

When should I seek medical help for my hair loss?

Male hair loss may be common, but it can affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. If your hair loss is affecting your professional or personal life, it’s time to consult with the experts at Dana Point Dermatology to discuss your treatment options.

What can I expect during a male hair loss consultation?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation when you come in to see the hair loss specialists at Dana Point Dermatology. The goal of the evaluation is to determine the underlying cause of your hair loss, which helps direct your treatment plan.

During your evaluation, the team reviews your medical and medication history, as well as your family history. The team also conducts a physical and dermatoscopic scalp evaluation. 

To better understand the cause of your hair loss, your clinician at Dana Point Dermatology may request diagnostic tests, such as blood work to assess for vitamin deficiencies and hormone levels.

How is male hair loss treated?

The team at Dana Point Dermatology develops personalized treatment plans for the management of male hair loss. Some of the nonsurgical treatments offered include:

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy
  • Microneedling
  • Medicinal and homeopathic systemic therapy
  • Compounded prescription topical ointment
  • Mesotherapy

To get the best results, the team may recommend more than one nonsurgical treatment to improve the thickness and growth of hair on your head. The team can also talk to you about your surgical options for hair loss.

For an evaluation of your hair loss from the hair loss specialists, call Dana Point Dermatology or click the online booking button to schedule an appointment today.